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Data Analyst

Job Type

Full Time-Remote

About the Role:

Drive analysis on projects and important strategic decisions improving the user experience.

Build, and maintain detailed models/dashboards and global reporting.

Develop analytical frameworks to support the company in new segments, products and decision making.

Identify operational weaknesses and help improve or innovate new processes to keep support teams as efficient as possible.

Use tools such as SQL, Power BI, ClicData and Tableau for dashboards, analysis and visual representation


Experience: Minimum 2 years of data science, data analytics, business intelligence, growth or related experience.

Qualification: A BS or MS degree in Management, Computer Science or Data Analytics

Successful candidate will have:

  • SQL fluency: the ability to work with large data sets.

  • Experience in reporting-based software, such as Power BI or Tableau is a major requirement.

  • Exceptional Excel & data management skills.

  • Strong communication and organization skills.

  • High-growth analytics or operations experience

About the Company:

We offer cutting-edge, innovative and customizable business solutions in the areas of marketing, sales and service management.

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