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ITSM Support Specialist

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An ITSM (IT Service Management) support specialist plays a crucial role in managing the delivery of IT services and support to users within an organization. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the IT services provided meet the needs of the business and its users, and that they are delivered efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner. This involves providing technical support to users, managing and resolving incidents and service requests, and developing and implementing processes and procedures to ensure that IT services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

One of the main disadvantages of having an in-house ITSM support is the cost of hiring and maintaining a full-time employee, including salary, benefits, and training expenses. Additionally, an in-house ITSM support specialist may have limited expertise and experience compared to an entire team of outsourced IT professionals. This could lead to slower issue resolution times, less efficient service delivery, and a lack of innovation in IT solutions.


Outsourcing ITSM support to a specialized provider can be a more cost-effective and flexible solution that allows businesses to access a broader range of expertise, scale IT resources as needed, and benefit from the latest technologies and best practices in IT service management.

Qualifications for ITSM Support Specialist

ITSM Support Specialist roles can be categorized by years of working experience:


They are responsible for providing technical support to end-users, logging and tracking incidents and service requests in a service management tool, and resolving simple hardware and software issues


They are responsible for managing the delivery of IT services to the organization, including the development and management of service level agreements (SLAs), service improvement plans, and customer satisfaction metrics. 

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Tools and Systems ITSM Support Specialists Use

ITSM Support Specialist often rely on softwares that are universally used across the Service industry. Examples include:


Sample ITSM Support Specialist Profile

  • Provide technical support to end-users

  • Troubleshoot technical issues related to hardware, software, and network connectivity

  • Maintain accurate records of incidents and service requests

  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of IT service management processes and procedures

  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and customer service enhancement

  • Communicate effectively with end-users, stakeholders, and other members of the IT team

  • Entry-level ITSM Support Specialist

  • 1+ years of experience

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